Dean Olivet Presents

R. D.: Rhobajt, Effex Deusey, & Milton Tramblebury

guitaratecom colors 1 cropped The Grepublibat TonalTrendsFull is where I post videos about songwriting: real time commentaries to popular songs, lessons on specific music theory concepts, statistical trends in musical usage, and everything else I notice about music that I want to tell people about. is where I post leveled curriculum ideas for students and teachers of guitar, born out of a spreadsheet database I started after too many times thinking "What in the heck am I going to teach my students today?"

The Grepublibat is a Facebook page dedicated to posting about civic topics, such as bridging common goals across the political spectrum, more efficient democratic systems like ranked choice voting, proportional representation, and citizen allocated tax strategies and other thoughts about what I like to call 'all-partisanship.'