Dean Olivet Presents

R. D.: Rhobajt, Effex Deusey, & Milton Tramblebury

Cast: 5 or more actors (3 F and 2 M) split 17 speaking roles - Performance Time: Approximately 118 minutes.


SYNOPSIS - Nia Rossi is a sexual abuse survivor attending graduate school to become a therapist when her own therapist assigns her mentorship over 16-year-old Nikki Stone and 17-year-old Remy Navarro. Mentorship goes well with Nikki, but Remy presents several challenges: he downplays his abuse as something he’s in full control of; he questions Nia’s motives for becoming a therapist; he attempts to get her to try drugs, including MDMA (ecstasy), as he’s read it’s an effective cure for PTSD related to abuse; he even casually looks up Nia’s estranged abusive stepfather on social media.


When Remy invites Nia to go out to a club with him and Nikki, we learn that Remy is mixed up with the club owner, who is dealing him drugs for sexual favors. The first act ends with Remy making a pass at Nia, right when she thinks she may be getting through to him as a mentor. Nia then decides for a number of reasons that she wants to make contact with her stepfather.


Nia’s designs on confrontation with her stepfather are waylaid by the fact that he is in the hospital unconscious, under the care of his possibly homicidal wife. Nia then gets word that there may have been an altercation between Remy and the club owner, and that Remy has slapped Nikki after trying to have sex with her. Nia returns to investigate and to give Remy one heck of a mentoring.




"The Creek"

is a musical currently in development about challenges faced by sexual abuse survivors and those trying to heal cycles of abuse.


One Liner:  

"Sexual abuse mentor’s career path upended by possibly sociopathic abuse victim."


Check back in the Fall of 2018 -

for completed demos and final script. Below are a few demos recently recorded and some videos of songs presented at a showcase for new musical theatre songs...


The Creek - Demo Tracks