Dean Olivet

Cast: X M, X F, XX flexible plus Chorus (Doubling: X M, X F, XX flex) Performance Time: Approximately XXX minutes, XX pgs.


Once upon a time, a long time ahead...


After a future global catastrophe in an alternate quantum dimension, the humans who’ve managed to survive have forgotten all things related to their old human culture and heritage, (related to our present quantum dimension that is), including Christmas!


Now, the worst of the great hibernation is over, and one small circle of people, who call themselves Copians, has emerged, adjacent to a group of feral humans, and a mysterious renegade known as “The Antediluvian”, whom everyone hates for ignoring their laws as well as hoarding treasures away in his stronghold, which they can’t penetrate.


As the story begins, Dajee, the circle’s idealist, has learned about some of the practices of what used to be known as civilization, which he wants to revive! Unfortunately, because of the circle’s still-strict rules limiting anything that would waste resources or human energies, he is finding this to be difficult. Whardin, the circle’s Chief Mother, has even thrown him in a cage for his most recent attempts. In his cage, Dajee enlists the help of his daughter, Ainjee, to implement his latest scheme: a Christmas celebration!


Against the Chief Mother’s wishes, most all in the circle secretly go along with this plan, preparing a Christmas Eve pageant, which some believe may awaken the Christmas God, and bring forth the Santa Claus and any number of Christmas miracles! Alas, it is not to be, as their plans to distract Whardin from it fail, and she discovers their plot right before the pageant is to begin. In a confusion of Copians, running scared for fear of Whardin’s reprisal, Ainjee’s snow machine is knocked over and goes berserk. The next day, Christmas day, Whardin’s son Kemdin agrees to go searching for it, as Ainjee is now in the cage with her dad for her trouble.


While trying to neutralize the snow machine, Kemdin is injured and enters a coma. No one in the circle can heal him, and so it falls on Ainjee to explore the last avenue anyone can think of: she must somehow enter the Antedilluvian’s stronghold, and find a way to enlist his help, or take it from him ...


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For Xmas to Come Demo Tracks - Coming Nov. 2017

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So far, the musical's had a few scenes and songs presented as part of a scene cycle at Mixed Blood Theater in Minneapolis. You can view the videos of that below...


Below are the synopsis, some script and score samples, and a demo of the songs! Thanks for visiting!

Sample from Score

Sample from Script

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