Dean Olivet Presents



About me - I got a Music BA in Duluth around 2003. These days I teach a lot of guitar and banjo lessons, and take care of my baby girl, Rosemary. I once directed a production of “The Fantasticks”, and shaved a bald spot in my head to play Stephen Spettigue in “Charley’s Aunt.” I have a French Horn Trophy, a Jug Band Trophy, a plaque that reads "Best Musical Act at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival", and a deck of cards from when I played guitar for Minneapolis Musical Theatre's production of "Tommy". There're five records out there with my music on them. I've done some other things and I will do more. I appreciate your visit to my website.

Dean Olivet is a publishing pseudonym. My real name can be found at my lesson studio website.


Pseudonym tidbits:


-Dean is the last syllable of my real last name, and I like it when lasts are firsts.

-The initials are the same as for for "Direct Object", and I like direct objects, more than subjects or verbs anyway. D.O. also spells “do”, which reminds me of John Cage’s sixth rule.

-"Dean" is derived from the Middle English 'dene' meaning "valley", and Olivet pertains to a hill, and "valley-hill" has a nice ying-yang balance thing going on, don't you think?

-Olivet also pertains to the olive tree, which is a peace symbol, and I like peace symbols.

-Jonathan Swift of Gulliver’s Travels fame was called Dean sometimes, and the Forest of Dean was liked by J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling.

-Fun anagrams for "Olivet" are: "violet", "to live", and "love it."

-Fun anagrams for "Dean Olivet" are: "evil atoned", "envied a lot", "a devil tone", and "edit a novel."

-There are a couple more, but that will do for now.


Pseudonym drawbacks  


-The letter "U" is not in my name. A, E, I, and O are there, but no "U"...  It's lonesome without "U."


I have also started to use the moniker R. D. Rhobajt, when contacted by the interdimensional consciousness Effex Duesey, this being for transcription purposes, to be better explained later...