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A hub for the Music Theory, Verse, Songwriting, Fiction, Music Statistics, Partisan Divide Bridging, Guitar Curriculum, Musical Theater, Blogging, and other exploits of Dean Olivet, R.D.: Rhobajt, Effex Deusey, and Milton Tramblebury.


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"Love is an Open Door" songwriter's lesson. 

one of Dean's

"real-time" music vlogs.

"Green Belt":

a medium level song index from Dean's guitar curricullum blog.

Whiteboard vlogging how-to series. This is how Dean makes old school whiteboard videos.

Mr. Tramblebury's Poem about a sunray strobing through a ceiling fan.

Here's a scene about "Sparks" from a musical about "Sparks."

"Another Cup of Tea". The single off Rick's first legit (non basement tape) record.

Here's a short film Rick's Jug Band made called "The Mystery of the Stolen Jug."

"I Am You". 

A song about recognizing the connectivity of it all.